Heads up: new (lib)tre coming to rawhide near you

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at greysector.net
Sun Dec 6 13:15:40 UTC 2009

Hi all!

tre-0.8.0 will be landing in rawhide soon. The only dependent packages
are crm114, which is mine and msort, which requires a small patch to
build, because the new tre breaks ABI. Replacing all reg* calls with
tre_reg* would be recommended, too, but since there are macros to preserve
the API, it's not strictly necessary.

I'm attaching the patch for reference, but since the package ACLs
are open to provenpackagers, I'll just commit it and rebuild msort

On a side note, msort could be updated to the latest release,
which is 8.52 (current rawhide is 8.46).


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diff -up msort-8.46/configure.ac.tre msort-8.46/configure.ac
--- msort-8.46/configure.ac.tre	2008-05-28 02:23:13.000000000 +0200
+++ msort-8.46/configure.ac	2009-12-06 13:43:45.984378670 +0100
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ AC_PROG_CC
 # Checks for libraries.
-AC_CHECK_LIB([tre], [regwcomp],,[AC_MSG_ERROR([libtre not found. see http://laurikari.net/tre/])])
+AC_CHECK_LIB([tre], [tre_regwcomp],,[AC_MSG_ERROR([libtre not found. see http://laurikari.net/tre/])])
 # Checks for header files.
diff -up msort-8.46/configure.tre msort-8.46/configure
--- msort-8.46/configure.tre	2008-05-28 02:23:47.000000000 +0200
+++ msort-8.46/configure	2009-12-06 13:44:53.027621362 +0100
@@ -3045,8 +3045,8 @@ test -z "$INSTALL_DATA" && INSTALL_DATA=
 # Checks for libraries.
-echo "$as_me:$LINENO: checking for regwcomp in -ltre" >&5
-echo $ECHO_N "checking for regwcomp in -ltre... $ECHO_C" >&6
+echo "$as_me:$LINENO: checking for tre_regwcomp in -ltre" >&5
+echo $ECHO_N "checking for tre_regwcomp in -ltre... $ECHO_C" >&6
 if test "${ac_cv_lib_tre_regwcomp+set}" = set; then
   echo $ECHO_N "(cached) $ECHO_C" >&6
@@ -3065,11 +3065,11 @@ extern "C"
 /* We use char because int might match the return type of a gcc2
    builtin and then its argument prototype would still apply.  */
-char regwcomp ();
+char tre_regwcomp ();
 main ()
-regwcomp ();
+tre_regwcomp ();
   return 0;

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