Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

John Reiser jreiser at
Wed Dec 9 15:51:50 UTC 2009

On 12/09/2009 07:14 AM, James Antill wrote:
> ... The minimum RAM size on any of these 5 boxes is 2GB.
>   I'd be surprised to find that anyone working as a full time developer
> has any (non-virt) boxes that are spec'd less than that.

Surprise!  I have 4 boxes that are 1GB or less (as low as 320MB),
and several that are 2GB or more.

>  And yes, shockingly, developers will test on the machines they have
> easy access to.

Sometimes I doubt even that, particularly when shipped software
has python syntax errors (type mismatch, wrong number of arguments,
no such member, ...)


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