kernel update highly recommended

Kyle McMartin kyle at
Wed Dec 9 18:14:53 UTC 2009

Hi folks,

I'd highly recommend if you're running 2.6.31 or 2.6.32, that you update
to the latest kernel in the koji builds here:

They fix a rather severe security problem with ext4 caused by
insufficient permission checking by the ext4 ioctl code, allowing a
malicious local user to corrupt files. Note, the ioctl isn't currently
used by userspace, so if you build your own kernels, you can just nuke
the entire EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT ioctl case.

NOTE: This is only a problem if you're using EXT4, if you aren't, you're

I'll get these pushed out to stable asap, but I wanted to let folks know
just in case rawhide doesn't compose before the downtime.

regards, Kyle M.

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