upstart-0.6.3 in rawhide, tomorrow 2009-12-10

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Dec 9 22:46:10 UTC 2009

was approved at last week's FESCo meeting. It was built today, and will
land in rawhide tomorrow.

What this means for you:

It's going to be a bit of a bumpy first yum upgrade. You will likely have
to reboot with 'reboot -f', as the job formats have changed
slightly, and the communication with init(8) has changed.

Once you reboot, things should work pretty much the same.

All users have been converted with the exception of readahead[1],
unless we missed some.

Obvious FAQ:

Q: Should we port our SysV scripts to native upstart scripts?

A: No, not at this time.


[1] because I missed in in the first scan and haven't had a chance to
talk to the maintainer.

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