parsecvs repo? [Re: Help wanted with dist-cvs to git conversion

Jim Meyering jim at
Sat Dec 12 14:43:12 UTC 2009

Jesse Keating wrote:
> I'm currently playing with a utility called parsecvs to convert our cvs
> stuff into git.  This utility can also translate the raw usernames that
> CVS has into more useful names+email addresses that you'd typically get
> out of git.  But to make this conversion it needs a translation file.

I've used parsecvs a lot.
Over the course of converting the likes of coreutils, glibc, emacs,
diffutils, gzip, grep, etc. I've made a number of changes to fix
NULL-dereferences, adapt to evolving GIT APIs and to remove at least
one performance bottleneck that dramatically sped up the conversion
of glibc.  I've even added a testing framework and a test case (the
first!) and pushed another that was contributed privately.  All local,
but I'd rather share.

Does anyone know of a public and *maintained* repository for parsecvs?
I've looked numerous times (as recently as a few weeks ago), and tried
to contact Keith Packard, hoping he would still be maintaining it,
but have had no luck.

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