Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

Ikem Krueger ikem.krueger at
Sun Dec 13 19:19:51 UTC 2009

>> Fedora has already chosen to make the 32bit builds incompatible with pre-686 systems for performance gains

> Yes, a decision I consider to be a Fedora managment mistake.

> Seems to me, as if some people in Fedora's leadership don't want to understand that being able to deploy Linux on "old" or "recycled" hardware used to be one big selling point in Linux.

> Certainly, Fedora devs tend to be equipped with modern HW, but it's a mistake to believe everybody is.

>> I think if your position is that most users don't care about performance and other things (like compatibility) are more important then you should strongly promote x86_64 Fedora for everyone who can use it.

> Not quite. My position actually is: Most users don't care much about 1-2% improved performance nor about improved internals (more registers etc.), as long as "their system" does what they want it to do.

> That said, these users don't actually care about using 64bit or 32bit Linux, as long as "their applications" behave "reasonable" and as long as the OS is easy to use.

> Or differently: I don't need a car with a 250kw engine and 7 seats to drive to the supermarket. My 8-years of VW Polo with its 50kW engine will also do ;)

I totally agree with you. :)

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