MariaDB and Fedora

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Dec 14 00:27:42 UTC 2009

Bruno Wolff III <bruno at> writes:
> Henrique Junior <henriquecsj at> wrote:
>> By the way, Monty is asking for some "Help saving MySQL" [0].

> Monty can just go and fork it. The only limitation is that he won't be
> able to dual license it any more.

Monty thinks it's impossible to make money off open source unless he
can dual-license it.  Setting aside various existence proofs to the
contrary, the fact remains that he already SOLD the rights to
dual-license MySQL, when he sold MySQL AB to Sun; and he made a pretty
hefty amount of money doing so.  Now he'd like the EU to force Oracle to
give him back that right for free.  This isn't so much about "let's help
save MySQL" as it is about "let's help Monty get a second bite of the

(FWIW, I completely agree with Monty that Oracle is likely to do their
best to kill MySQL once they have it.  But they can't kill the GPL'd
version as long as people are willing to work on that.  Evidently
Monty isn't.)

			regards, tom lane

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