Evo messages don't refresh when deleting

Mike Chambers mike at miketc.net
Mon Dec 14 23:25:30 UTC 2009

Rawhide system upgraded from F12+updates as of today..

If you go to a folder and on the right side on top of the preview pane,
and click on an email and delete it, at times (although it seems not
every time, and maybe random), the next email isn't refreshed and/or
isn't shown on the bottom of the preview pane.  In other words, it
stills shows the body of the deleted email and not the new one.  But if
you were to click on a different email without deleting the one you just
left, it shows the correct email/body.

Anyone else seeing this?


Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"Best lil town on Earth!"

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