packages requiring me to reboot...

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Wed Dec 16 01:47:44 UTC 2009

On 12/15/2009 12:42 PM, Seth Vidal wrote:

> this is what colin and I talked about at fudcon in toronto. I just added
> some code to yum so it returns to you a list of all pkgs on the system
> that own a file that is currently open/used in a running process.
> should make that part of your lookup easier.
> YumBase.rpmdb.return_running_packages()

   This seems to be compounding the problem rather than try9ing to avoid
it all together.

   As an alternate suggestion:

   It may make a lot more sense, to instead install apps in a shadow
directory (named by version for example) with the usual spot being a
link to the right place. When installing a new one simply install it in
the shadow area and flip the link. The existing running app will see
home base in the same place and have zero problems.

   The last part is a clean up phase which could be deferred to reboot
or perhaps something a little more clever.

   firefox will work perfectly if done this way for example.


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