safe way to standby sata hdd?

Michał Piotrowski mkkp4x4 at
Wed Dec 16 12:58:33 UTC 2009


I've got a home database/symfony env/etc../file server. It's based on
Intel D945GCLF2D Atom board. I've got a two hard drives WD Green Power
connected through Sata. First drive has / and /home filesystem, second
has /home/samba4. On the first drive there are two directories
/home/samba2 and /home/samba3 where I'm mounting ecryptfs.
/home/samba4 is also crypted by default.

I'm wondering if there is a safe way for such configuration to put
second harddrive into sleep (or both drives) after some idle time?
After some googling I've found some resolutions (haven't tested any of
these yet):
- hdparm -S
- sdparm --set=STANDBY
- and laptop_tools

I'm really not convinced that these methods are safe for my
configuration. Anyone have tried this before?

BTW. I'm using F11 on this system - it appears that I even don't have


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