upstart-0.6.3 in rawhide, tomorrow 2009-12-10

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Dec 16 16:23:31 UTC 2009

Matthew Miller (mattdm at said: 
> > One notable change that was made is that we were able to simplify the
> > jobs to the point where the number of login consoles is now configurable,
> > without editing or removing upstart job definitions.
> > This is done by the ACTIVE_CONSOLES parameter in /etc/sysconfig/init;
> > the default value is "/dev/tty/[1-6]", which means that mingetty
> > will be started on ttys 1 through 6. Shell globs are accepted.
> How hard would it be to make this be different in runlevels 3 and 5? I like
> to have lots in runlevel 3, and few if X is available.

Given how it's implemented, you could do something truly disgusting like

ACTIVE_CONSOLES=$([ "$RUNLEVEL" = 3 ] && echo '/dev/tty[1-6]' || echo '/dev/tty2')

I'm not sure I really want to *support* people doing that, though.


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