packages requiring me to reboot...

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> On 12/16/2009 03:43 PM, Otto Haliburton wrote:
> > windows update will automatically reboot your system when it
> automatically
> > updates it windows tried the optional stuff but now almost every case it
> requires a
> > restart.
> Even when it asks, it does that with a modal focus-grabbing dialog
> window. I was once working on an important server, and was about to
> click OK on one of my dialog boxes, when a windows update confirmation
> popped up conveniently located so that my click went to IT, rebooting
> the server.  The queen was not amused.
> HOWEVER, just because Windows suck doesn't mean that Linux should suck
> too. My own preference would be a more discriminating dialog
> that offers three possibilities: 'do nothing', 'bounce the
> service/application' and 'reboot'.
There is always the circle jerk argument, well linux reboots more than
windows, no, windows abandoned the mandatory restart to end up reinstating
it.  Then, because windows restarts after update sucks, so linux doesn't
need to suck like windows.  Rebooting after updates is not a trivial matter,
if you are a expert don't use PackageKit.  Even tho it notifies you of
updates doesn't mean you need to use it, there is synaptic, yum extender,
yum, etc. none of those require you to reboot, also I don't think that
PackageKit mandates a reboot, just asks and you can cancel out of it, I
don't remember now, but I think so I know it flags the packages that cause a
restart.  Anyway nothing will be solved in this thread, for those of us that
have been burned by failing to restart, and those that think that rebooting
after updates is trivial, will continue to do the things that are required
for us to be satisfied in a update.
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