FUDCon Toronto: please take the 5-minute feedback survey

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Thu Dec 17 02:09:55 UTC 2009

FUDCon Toronto (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009) is 
over - our largest FUDCon yet! We'd love to get your thoughts on how it 
went, so:

* If you attended FUDCon Toronto, either in-person or remotely via 
Fedora Live, please take this survey and tell us what you thought.
* If you didn't attend FUDCon Toronto but wanted to, please take this 
survey and tell us how we can help you get to the next one.
* If you didn't want to go to FUDCon Toronto, please take this survey 
and tell us why - it's anonymous. ;-)

The survey is available at 

There are 29 questions, most of the yes/no variety; the survey takes 
less than 5 minutes to complete (I just timed myself). A special thanks 
to Robyn Bergeron, Yaakov Nemoy, and the rest of the Fedora Marketing 
team for designing the survey so it *can* be completed in less than 5 

Questions are previewable at 
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_survey. The survey will be active 
from 12/16/2009 through 1/8/2010, and we'll be analyzing and announcing 
the results shortly after it closes. If you're curious about the 
process, interested in helping us analyze the results, or have any 
questions in general, join the conversation on the Fedora Marketing 
mailing list 


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