Create a -cli package without a different executable

Jon Ciesla limb at
Fri Dec 18 17:16:03 UTC 2009

Jussi Lehtola wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 18:12 +0100, Nicoleau Fabien wrote:
>> My question is :
>> is it good to provide a -cli package that does not provides a separate
>> script or executable file, and that will work only if the user is
>> carefull to not launch it in a way that it does not require a graphic
>> lib (without parameters in that context) ?
> The design seems idiotic.
> Anyway, you have to weigh the surplus of admins not having to install
> graphical stuff on their servers versus the possible problems caused by
> new users trying to work the package in a way it isn't supposed to be
> used.
> I'd say: it's up to the packager.
Or, package it , er, twice, with two copies with different options.  
See: Ettercap

Warning:  This is the most annoying choice, and I sometimes regret it.


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