Create a -cli package without a different executable

Julian Aloofi julian.fedoralists at
Fri Dec 18 21:39:18 UTC 2009

Am Freitag, den 18.12.2009, 18:12 +0100 schrieb Nicoleau Fabien:
> Hi,
> I'm packaging phatch that provides /usr/bin/phatch, a graphical
> application to manage some operations on photos. It handles command
> line parameters so that it can be used in a script, without a GUI :
> if no parameters are given, a GUI is displayed, otherwise it acts as a
> console application.
> Upstream asked me if it's possible to keep "phatch" package, containing
> the graphical requirements (and requires) and requires phatch-cli, and
> create a phatch-cli, that provides /usr/bin/phatch. With this way,
> people could just install phatch-cli on a server and use it with
> command line parameters (but it would crash if it's not launched with
> parameters).
> My question is :
> is it good to provide a -cli package that does not provides a separate
> script or executable file, and that will work only if the user is
> carefull to not launch it in a way that it does not require a graphic
> lib (without parameters in that context) ?
> Regards,
I see phatch is a python package, so I think a little trick could be

%package cli:
BuildRequires:	python-devel
Requires:	non-gui-dependencies

and for the main package:
Requires:	phatch-cli
Requires:	pygtk2, <gui-dependencies>
[install desktop file etc...]

This way users could explicitly install phatch-cli, and it would "only"
not start up properly if called without arguments on a terminal, and the
main package (gui version) would contain the program and pull in the
graphical dependencies.
I don't know the program though, and if the cli version depends on gui
libraries to work properly as well it wouldn't work.
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