packages requiring me to reboot...

Alexander Boström abo at
Sat Dec 19 10:08:16 UTC 2009

tor 2009-12-17 klockan 22:08 +0100 skrev nodata:

> I wish mailing list discussions were point-for-point for-and-against. It 
> would be so much easier.

You can easily accomplish this by quoting only the necessary text of the
parent post and commenting between the lines.

My Evolution preview window shows 38 lines of text. When _all_ of those
are quoted text, the person who sent that mail did something wrong. (I'm
not picking on you specifically, I think it's a general problem on this

> Here is my point: Windows requires a reboot less often than Linux. Argue 
> all you want, it's true.

Like has been pointed out before, Fedora does not force a reboot at all.
All it does is show an icon in the corner, telling me I need to log out
or I need to reboot. It could gain more options, like "need to restart

> Linux has quicker security updates than Linux. That's an advantage.
> ksplice can patch a running kernel...

I want suspend and resume with a new kernel. Also, ponies. :)


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