moonlight and the new covenant

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Sat Dec 19 11:00:53 UTC 2009

Am Samstag, den 19.12.2009, 10:47 +0000 schrieb Alex Hudson:
> On 19/12/09 10:36, Julian Sikorski wrote
> > according to Miguel [1], the moonlight covenant was updated and now
> > allows for redistribution by third parties. Does it change anything wrt.
> > its inclusion in Fedora?
> >    
> I doubt it's worth asking until the new covenant is actually published, 
> which is supposed to happen next week.
> If what they are saying, that people who get Moonlight without being a 
> Novell customer are covered by the patent covenant, I would hope that 
> removes whatever stumbling block remains.
> Cheers
> Alex.
The covenant is published as far as I can see here:

I'm not a lawyer, but this does not read like it is very permissive.

Just a short quote:
"Microsoft reserves the right to update (including discontinue) the foregoing covenant pursuant to the terms of the Moonlight for
Linux Collaboration Agreement between Novell and Microsoft that was publicly announced on September 5, 2007 (the “Agreement”);
however, the foregoing covenant will continue as to specific copies of Moonlight Implementations distributed by Novell before any such update."
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