Orphaned some packages

Josephine Tannhäuser josephine.tannhauser at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 21 08:54:01 UTC 2009

2009/12/21, Orcan Ogetbil <oget.fedora at gmail.com>:
> I tried to push the "Take ownership" button on python-rabbyt's devel
> branch and it worked. Then I pushed "Release Ownership". That worked
> too. Do you get an error message when you use those buttons? Are you
> logged in? Sometimes there is a "Verify Login" button that pops up on
> upper right of the page for some reason. You need to click on that.
Hi Orcan,
I tried it until it works. "Request failed" was the message. I had to
click in "Take ownership" about 5 times.
Josephine "Fine" Tannhäuser

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