rpm cpio error: prelink and SBCL

Jerry James loganjerry at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 18:22:35 UTC 2009

> FWIW, this didn't work.  It solved the problem with generating
> uninstallable RPMs, but the binary RPM contains a pristine SBCL image.
>  I know a good image was dumped, because it is executed during the
> build to generate some auxiliary files.  I see it running in the log,
> so something about the binary RPM generation stripped out all the
> built stuff and threw it away.  So far, the only successful build came
> from a spec file with this entry:
> %global __prelink_undo_cmd %{nil}

Nope, ignore that.  The real problem is that the dumped image is being
stripped.  So to successfully build a project that uses SBCL to
generate a dumped executable, I have to:
(1) Add an explicit requires on the version of SBCL that creates the image;
(2) Use an unprelinked copy of the SBCL binary to build; and
(3) Disable stripping of the dumped image.

This is probably the case for at least some of the other Common Lisps.
 Who approves changes to the Lisp packaging requirements page?
Jerry James

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