Release Milestones for the Masses

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Dec 22 01:04:32 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 11:37 PM, John Poelstra <poelstra at> wrote:
> On 12/21/2009 12:30 PM, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 10:32:18 -0800,
>>   John Poelstra<poelstra at>  wrote:
>>> Great idea.  I need someone from the Spins SIG to tell me what those
>>> dates are.  It would also be really helpful to have a link to a wiki
>>> page explaining the process I can give out when questions arise.
>> I think the end of covers
>> what you want.
>> In theory we have a meeting in a half hour, but I don't know what the
>> turnout is going to be.
> This
> is ambiguous about the
> deadline for when spins have to be submitted (three weeks before feature
> freeze or feature freeze?)
> Previously Spins followed the regular "Feature Freeze" milestone.  With the
> introduction of a "Submission Deadline" do Spins follow this or not?
> What I'd really like is for someone from the Spins SIG to reply with what
> the milestones should be or update the wiki page.
> We should also get the Spins dates into the master schedule which we have
> not done before.  I would need to know from the Spins SIG what task names
> and tasks to reflect in the schedule.  Then I can use this information as
> part of the "reminder campaign" during Fedora 13.

The ambiguity of the spins process threw me somewhat in F-12 with
Moblin being very new to all the process (well having seen it and
never participated) as I couldn't find anything that really outlined
it well and there was nothing in the way of notifications and nothing
in the schedule. I would have thought it was submitted by alpha and
completely approved by beta (including a beta release) but even though
my wiki search skills are crap, even google never provided me with
anything close. But then I failed by not actually asking so ultimately
it was my own fault as I plain ran out of time but it would be useful
on the main schedule none the less!


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