Power Management caused 2 second instant poweroff on Desktop

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed Dec 23 17:31:27 UTC 2009


I just had the weirdest thing ever, on Fedora 12

I was working on my desktop, running F-12, KVM and like 10 VM's up and running.
I had clicked on the "update" button, but since I was using a voip (hardware)
phone had not yet clicked on "download updates". I iconified the window to get
rid of it while on my call and forgot about it.

Later, while just doing some file editing, a (gnome power management?)
  popup appears with a power button on the left side, stating
"Paul Wouters is logged on. System will shut down in 60 seconds". Looking
at the popup kinda surprised, I move my hand to my mouse to hit cancel
and before I reached my mouse, the machine does an instant poweroff,
leaving me stunned in a very quiet room pondering about my 10 VM's that
just crashed along with it.

After the boot, it seems I have no new updates left to install :P
Also, kernel did not change, still, so even if
this was some automatic update effect timed badly, I am not sure why it
needed to poweroff my machine.

I'm not sure which component to bug report for, or whose Christmas
present to take away :P


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