major ghc breakage: anybody working on fixing them?

Alex Lancaster alexl at
Wed Dec 23 22:45:00 UTC 2009

>>>>> Alex Lancaster  writes:

>>>>> Rawhide Report  writes:
> So these huge slew of broken deps (seems like more than 10 packages)
> for ghc have been in the rawhide reports for over a week now, is
> anybody actively maintaining and/or planning to fix these packages?
> If not, please let us know so a provenpackager can fix these, they
> overwhelm the rawhide log and make it more likely that people ignore
> the entire broken dep log.  It seems like it is only a version number
> in a subpackage that needs building or somesuch, so hopefully it is
> trivial to fix.

Hmm, this is odd, I noticed that according to:

abiword was successfully rebuilt:

  * Mon Dec 21 2009 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at> - 1:2.8.1-3
  - Rebuild against new libwv

but the depcheck shows it still broken:

1:abiword-2.8.1-3.fc13.i686 requires

Similarly it looks like parts of ghc were rebuilt:

  * Mon Dec 21 2009 Yaakov M. Nemoy <ynemoy at> -
  - updated to latest upstream
  - updates spec to use shared libraries and new ghc

Is there something perhaps wrong with the dep check script?


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