Mono.Cecil & monodevelop-debugger-mdb

Paul paul at
Sat Dec 26 22:41:26 UTC 2009


> No, we should patch the broken packages to work with the current
> Mono.Cecil. 
> And upstream deserves a beating for this attitude. :-/ Why am I not 
> surprised this is coming from the M$-loving Mono community?

I quite agree - there should be a universal mono.cecil.

> In any case, if you do think an exception should be granted, this will
> have 
> to go through FESCo. But I doubt we will approve it, at least not if
> you 
> don't provide evidence that somebody competent in C# tried to patch 
> MonoDebugger to work with the new Mono.Cecil and failed due to some 
> unsurmountable obstacle. If none of you Mono SIG folks is fluent in
> C#, then 
> that's a problem that needs solving first of all.

MD itself works fine with Mono.Cecil as provided by other packages. The
problem  is MD also copies Mono.Cecil to %{_libdir}/monodevelop/bin
which is what is being picked up on when -pkg:monodevelop is referenced
in the make file. It's not a problem with MD or Mono.Cecil really...

Oh well. I'll look at it (again) on the 28th.



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