realtex 8172 / 8192

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Sun Dec 27 18:35:10 UTC 2009

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 12:10:42 -0500,
  Mail Lists <lists at> wrote:
>  As posted on fedora-list (sorry for x-post)
>  A friend of mine has a lenovo with a RT 8172 wireless ... neither
> ubuntu 9.10 nor f12 seems to support this.
>   Seems its available in 2.6.32 ...
>   Ok - so anyone know when 2.6.32 will be available in f12 / f11 ?

You might try the rawhide kernel in f12. There is a reasonable chance that
will work. I have been having some problems with it myself and am running
the f12 kernel on a rawhide system.

The issues I am seeing are a hang requiring nomodeset (ATI r200 video card)
and another hang related to udev with encrypted devices requiring a modified
dm rule. I also see traceback warnings during the boot, so some other things
are probably broken as well.

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