New plugin for system-config-network (PPTP)

Mat Booth fedora at
Mon Dec 28 14:28:52 UTC 2009

2009/12/28 Сергей Варюхин <cepreu.mail at>:
> Hi, i created new plugin for system-config-network (PPTP-connection type)
> and posted my patch in RFE report to bugzilla
> ( Also i have send
> patches to email of maintainer (harald at few weeks ago. But there
> still no any answer. In bugzilla and in email too. On
> writed that, if you create
> some patch, you must send it on harald at Does anybody know, is
> this page are actual?
> Does anybody know also, how i can contact with developers of
> system-config-network?
> Thanks in advance. Cepreu.

You only filed the bug the day before Christmas Eve, please give him a
chance. Most people don't check their work email over the holiday
period ;-)

Mat Booth

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