Results of a test mass rebuild of rawhide-20090126 with gcc-4.4.0-0.9

Jakub Jelinek jakub at
Tue Feb 3 15:48:36 UTC 2009


In the past few days I've done a mass rebuild of rawhide-20090126
in mock with gcc-4.4.0-0.9 (and corresponding libtool).
6228 packages were successfully built, for the rest I've tried
to rebuild them also with gcc-4.3.2-7 (though I ran out of time,
so a couple of packages weren't attempted with 4.3).

Here are the most common causes of the regressions (fails to build
with gcc-4.4.0-0.9, succeeds with gcc-4.3.2-7):

- 142 failures
  C++ <string> (<bits/char_traits.h>) no longer includes <cstdio>.
  So does <ios>, <streambuf>, <iomanip>, <locale>.
  When you need anything from C stdio.h, such as EOF, *printf*,
  *scanf*, remove etc., add #include <cstdio> to all sources that
  need it.

- 22 failures
  G++ 4.4 rejects int main () { return main (); } or
  int main () { main (); return 0; },
  as main shouldn't be used within the program (see ISO C++ [basic.start.main]/3).
  This breaks some configure scripts, e.g. AC_CHECK_LIB with second argument main as in
  AC_CHECK_LIB(stdc++,main,,AC_MSG_ERROR([libstdc++ not installed]))
  will now fail.  As AC_CHECK_LIB isn't well suited for C++, which requires
  prototypes and AC_CHECK_LIB doesn't provide them, I guess
  AC_CHECK_LIB(stdc++,int,,AC_MSG_ERROR([libstdc|| not installed]))
  could be used instead.  This results in int main () { return int (); }
  or int main () { int (); return 0; }
  Only packages that actually failed to build because of this
  are listed, there are many more that are affected by it though.
  Look for checking for main in -l... giving no, even for packages
  that succeeded.

- 15 failures
  C++ <string> (<bits/postypes.h>) no longer includes <stdint.h>.
  Neither does <ios>.  When you need uint32_t, uint8_t etc.,
  #include <stdint.h>.

- 15 failures
  #elif argument is now evaluated even if earlier #if/#elif
  condition evaluated non-zero, to make sure they are valid
  constant expressions.  See
  To fix this, either use #else when you want it instead of
  #elif (e.g. several packages use #elif without any argument
  at all), or use #else #if ... #endif.

- 8 failures
  glib2's gthread.h contains a couple of aliasing issues (e.g.
  in g_once_init_enter) and a bunch of programs get bitten by it
  when they inline it.
  This should be fixed in glib2.

- 6 failures
  Other aliasing problem.  In the GCC 4.3 -> 4.4 transition
  the most common problem is:
  char buf[NNN];	// or unsigned char or signed char
  ((struct somestruct *)buf)->somefield = 1
  While you can access any object through char, unsigned char or
  signed char pointer and modify parts/all of it, it is not the
  other way around.  In this case you probably want a union of
  the buffer and struct somestruct.

- 2 failures
  GCC bugs that were already fixed in newer gcc 4.4 (4.4.0-0.13
  should work).

- 1 failure
  Package built with -Werror, where one extra warning appeared.

- 1 failure
  g++ now errors on:
  struct C { virtual ~C (); };
  struct B : public C { int i; };
  struct A { const B a; A () { bar (&a); } void bar (const B *); };
  while previously it only errored if C virtual wasn't involved.

- 1 failure
  __builtin_stdarg_start has been removed.  #include <stdarg.h>
  should be used, rather than writing stuff by hand, and if really necessary
  (why?), then at least it needs to use __builtin_va_start instead.

- 1 failure
  open with O_CREAT set in the second argument needs to have 3 arguments, not
  just 2.

- 1 failure
  free called with a pointer to non-heap allocated object.
  char buf[128], *bufp;
  bufp = buf;
  if (something)
    bufp = malloc (somesize);
  if (bufp != buf)
    free (buf);  // Should have been bufp.

- 30 failures
  Unsorted stuff that succeeds to build with 4.3 and fails to build
  with 4.4.  Only looked briefly at openbabel, in which case
  the bug is that it has locale.h in the include search path, which
  overrides the system <locale.h>.

- 31 failures
  Various mock related issues, packages failed at root.log stage,
  before starting to build.  Some might be related to mock being used
  on RHEL5 instead of a recent fedora.

- 167 failures
  packages that failed to build both with gcc 4.3 and 4.4

- 117 failures
  unanalyzed packages with failed to build with 4.4, but 4.3 build wasn't
  performed (ran out of time), so either they fall into fails-even-with-43
  category, or into unsorted.


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