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Fedora tested in c't: grub missing feature


fedora has recently been tested (again) and compared against other
distributions (Ubuntu and OpenSUSE) by c't, a german IT magazine from
the heise publishing house.

Among other criticisms one thing was really annoying: When a user
installs fedora on a machine with windows installed (common use case) it
detects that installation and offers to add it to grub. But installing
fedora on a box with an already present linux distro installation will
yield that installation removed from grub.

I understand that the bootloader is a part of the distro and its
configuration gets changed e.g. during kernel updates, but is there
really only the answer to remove one distribution completely?
Do we really want to support Windows as second OS more than OpenSUSE or
Ubuntu (or CentOS, or Debian, or Gentoo, or ........)
At least the anaconda team should consider printing a warning about one
OS going to "be lost" during install and how to recover.

Any thoughts on that?

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