module-init-tools v3.6 released

Jon Masters jonathan at
Wed Feb 4 08:47:22 UTC 2009


I've pushed an update to rawhide with version 3.6. It's not got a huge
amount different from F10 but I would be grateful for feedback. One of
the things we're looking into at the moment is removing all the
different vendor's patches. Fedora has none, Ubuntu is on the way to
that, and OpenSuSE is certainly next on the list. One of the things we
need to do after that is figure out how to unify the crazy number of
configuration hacks we have.

I'm considering pushing an update to F-9 since v3.5+ is so much faster
than previous releases - and it impacts boot time, but I have to admit
that I was more concerned about F10 and rawhide until now.


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