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Re: Request for feedback and/or participation on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagement

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Phil Knirsch (pknirsch redhat com) said:
In case you're interested in helping make power management better in F11 feel free to participate in any form.

I'd really like to find a way to get all the things listed in Documentation
set up automatically for the user where appropriate - we should have
all this stuff by default.


Thats a good point Bill.

Of course most of the first points are things that the user just needs to do himself (power off his machine, choose the right dimension for the work he's doing etc).

From the pure system ones i know that we at least already use the ondemand by default as soon as the CPU supports it, so we should be fine there.

Network card speeds and harddisk spindowns is a bit tricker imo, though we probably could enable a higher powersave mode for harddisk by default at least in case a user wants to save power. Some of this is/will be addressed by the tuned i'm working on which monitors the usage of network and harddisk devices and dynamically adapts the settings to the current use.

Laptop mode and a higher value for dirty_writeback_centisecs, there i'm personally torn a bit myself. I personally do use it on all my machines (laptop and desktop), but i can understand people who are a bit paranoid about their data integrity not wanting to have that by default. But i'd personally be all for going that way.

In regard to relatime from what i've found so far we seem to be doing that already by default it seems, though i'd like to have that verified.

Then disabling CD-ROM polling is definitely something for the ServerSIG, but on a default Desktop i think the user experience would suffer if we would do that by default.

Enabling USB autosuspend looks like a good candidate for being a default though. I've used it on quite a few Fedora 10 machines around here and haven't experienced any problems so far, so it seems to have matured enough by now from what i can see.

Last but not least the dpms off, i think that should definitely be part of the Desktop screensaver defaults, especially if you look at how much power a modern LCD display eats when it's only dimmed down to black.

Regards, Phil

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