please announce API/ABI/soname breakage on fedora-devel-announce (was Re: rawhide report: 20090207 changes)

Alex Lancaster alexl at
Sun Feb 8 08:54:20 UTC 2009

>>>>> "KK" == Kevin Kofler  writes:

KK> Conrad Meyer wrote:
>> Paul has been giving heads ups about Mono 1.9/2.0 moving in for the past
>> several months, I don't know what more you want.

KK> Uh, 2.0 is old news, he pushed out 2.2 to dist-f10-updates-testing since (it
KK> had been in Rawhide for a while) and these broken deps are caused by 2.4
KK> snapshots which just hit Rawhide.

Ah, and yes, please give heads-up for distro-wide breakage on
fedora-devel-announce rather than fedora-devel-list.

fedora-devel-list is just too high volume for me (and many other busy
maintainers).  The fedora-devel-announce list was created exactly for
this purpose and is the best place to announce ABI/API/soname
breakage, or new tags for mass-rebuilds and the like (cf. the GCC
change) .


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