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Re: Heads up: Noarch Subpackages

Joe Orton wrote:
On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 10:54:01AM +0100, Florian Festi wrote:
So what can you do right now?

If you are interested you can already play with noarch subpackages by
building with mock and comparing the results on different arches with
rpmdiff [4] (ignoring differences in S, 5 and T). There is going to be
little time between support in koji and the feature freeze. So being
prepared for this short time slot is a good thing.

I take it from the wiki page, that we should hold of on using this too aggressively until some distro-wide guidelines are produced?

e.g. for -devel packages given that 99% of the content is generally noarch-able there would be a lot of scope for splitting those up.

Read this more like: "I think there should be a great plan but I do not have one." If you are interested in how -devel or packages of any other type should be split up go ahead. Add suggestions the the Feature page or post them here. This Feature is currently driven by some rampaging RPM developers but it should be picked up by the Fedora packagers IMHO.

The other reason for being a bit careful is that there are probably some people that are unhappy of the idea of Fedora having 30,000 packages instead of 15,000 (for x86_64). Yum meta data could become such a pain point.


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