Reconnectable X - improve desktop reliability

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Tue Feb 17 18:01:14 UTC 2009

I have searched around, but I haven't been able to find out whether anyone 
has managed to make an X server which was reconnectable by the applications 
talking to it.

What I mean is that it would be nice to have all the existing applications 
carry on running if X dies underneath them. They could then connect to a new 
server when it became available.

Perhaps this is an application rather than issue. Perhaps some sort of 
simple layer could sit between the apps and the server to solve the 

Could someone with some knowledge of how this works comment on whether this 
would be feasible?

It would really help Fedora reliability if the desktop could survive X 
crashes. It would also allow the possibility of disconnecting an X session 
and reconnecting it later (I know vnc and nx allow this sort of thing).




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