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Re: Ready for new RPM version?

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009, Bill Nottingham wrote:

Panu Matilainen (pmatilai laiskiainen org) said:
So, should I bother with a RPM 4.7 feature page or not?

If we're doing it, it should have a feature page. Whether or not
we're doing it should depend on:

- will it be final by final release? (I'd prefer to not ship an
 RC. Yes, I know we did with F10, and that's part of the problem)

That's certainly the intention, and yes 4.6.0 dragged far too long in -rc series. If that fails to happen for whatever reason there's always the possibility of going back to 4.6.0 which in this case is just a matter of epoch bump and rebuilding the handful of packages that link to librpm directly. There are no database or other such format issues involved here.

- what user visible changes will this make, especially that could
 fail package builds. From reading the release note, there's one
 of these.

Hmm? If you mean the noarch check, that's already in rawhide rpm.

- does it change the output package format in any way that would
 make packages unreadable by prior versions?

Only if you use the posix file capabilities (but this is protected against with a rpmlib() dependency).

	- Panu -

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