ssh private key password

nodata lsof at
Thu Jan 8 21:42:28 UTC 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 08.01.2009, 18:31 -0300 schrieb Horst H. von Brand:
> nodata <lsof at> wrote:
> > When I run ssh-add, a gnome dialog pops up asking me for the password to
> > my private ssh key.
> That is the idea... it keeps the password for you, so you don't need to
> enter it each time you connect to a site.

But I am already using ssh-agent to do this.

> > I find this a little odd, since I am not running ssh to connect
> > anywhere.
> Then why using ssh-add(1)?!

To add my key to ssh-agent.

> > I also find this a little disconcerting: I don't like giving my private
> > key's to programs that ask for it.
> Neither do I, but this one is _meant_ to do so.

But can't I chose which program stores my key? I'd rather something with
less code stores it.

> > Is anyone else experiencing this?
> Everyday here.

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