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Re: Automatic update ran despite being disabled (which is bad)

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Ouch. I saw a bug report earlier being closed and heard from someone
> (you?), that this problem was fixed. It is a pretty bad bug to ignore
> someone's settings and auto-install updates like this. People are going
> to assume, we are doing something sneaky behind their back.

Well, it was supposed to be fixed, but the setting still magically resets
even though this is no longer the default anywhere, we changed the default
everywhere in the code! I don't understand why and how it happens at all.
Maybe an array overflow or something truly nasty like that? Or a mixup of

And yes, IMHO this is an absolute showstopper and it sucks that we have been
unable to fix this for over a month now.

Any help welcome! (Experience with KDE code is likely to be required

        Kevin Kofler

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