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Spins SIG Meeting(s) / Agenda!

The Spins SIG is going to have regular, bi-weekly meetings. I've chosen Mondays at 18:00 UTC, on even weeks, and it will not take more then one hour.

Obviously, we can pre-discuss most of the items on the agenda on our mailing list fedora-spins -at- lists.fedoraproject.org.

With help of several key people in the current Spins process, including Process-Guru and current Feature Wrangler John Poelstra, we've come up with a real Spins Process during this last FUDCon.

If you are a member of Release Engineering, Quality Assurance, FESCo or Infrastructure, I would like you to attend.

Our first meeting (in the series of regular meetings) would be January 19th, 18:00 UTC, for which I'm going to set the Agenda now:

== Agenda ==

# Finalizing Spins Process[1], vote
#* Writing up details on the Wiki, where necessary
#* Writing our Spins_SIG_Review_Checklist, and what to do if something isn't covered
#* Maintainer responsiveness and responsibilities for current releases
#* Checklist of DOs and DONTs, SHOULDs and SHOULD NOTs[2]
#* Defining permanent vs. non-permanent spins, the procedure to change status, and the consequences for the Spins Process.
# Set our final meeting time and schedule, vote
# Determine our workflow (using the spin-kickstarts Trac instance?)
#* Branching and tagging (based on milestones to be determined)
#* Creating daily spins for compose tests and reporting results
#* Having maintainers (re-)create spins regularly for tests and collecting results # Determine our process for recurring releases and reviewing current spins for the upcoming release
# Current Spins Requests:
#* Games Spin
#** Has been previously approved
#** Failed during Fedora 10
#** Revamped for Fedora 11 by Bruno Wolff III
#* A dozen or so localized spins
#** http://sundaram.fedorapeople.org/spins/
# Review of all current spins
#* Who's the maintainer of each spin, and where can we reach them?
#* Fedora AOS
#* Fedora BrOffice.org
#* Fedora Developer
#* Fedora Education Math
#* Fedora Electronic Lab
#* Fedora Games
#* Fedora Sugar
#* Fedora XFCE

This agenda is also available (in a more readable format) on:


Additional Agenda items you may have can go to that Wiki page as well.

Again, if you are a member of Release Engineering, Quality Assurance, FESCo or Infrastructure, I would like you to attend also. In the new process, the Spins SIG meetings are where you can say "no" or "yes" to a spin, or raise concerns. I would like to know if you agree with that. Also, I'd like to know if you (or a delegate of your team) wants to attend our meetings, or settles with being notified by the Spins SIG every step of the way.

Now, in my Agenda, the time for our first meeting would already conflict with a very important appointment I have with Max next week -which I'm not going to reschedule, it includes dinner :P I'll make it work one way or the other, though, so there'll definitely be a meeting at January 19th, 18:00 UTC. Be there or forever hold your peace ;-)

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins_Process
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Spins_Guidelines

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