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Re: [Fedora-spins] Spins SIG Meeting(s) / Agenda!

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
The Spins SIG is going to have regular, bi-weekly meetings. I've chosen Mondays at 18:00 UTC, on even weeks, and it will not take more then one hour.

Obviously, we can pre-discuss most of the items on the agenda on our mailing list fedora-spins -at- lists.fedoraproject.org.

With help of several key people in the current Spins process, including Process-Guru and current Feature Wrangler John Poelstra, we've come up with a real Spins Process during this last FUDCon.

If you are a member of Release Engineering, Quality Assurance, FESCo or Infrastructure, I would like you to attend.

Our first meeting (in the series of regular meetings) would be January 19th, 18:00 UTC, for which I'm going to set the Agenda now:

== Agenda ==

# Finalizing Spins Process[1], vote

May I suggest part of this discussion is spin versus feature. I ask becuase the process (for me) got hairy when combined with the feature process.

-- bk

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