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Re: [Fedora-spins] Spins SIG Meeting(s) / Agenda!

Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

We've beaten that horse during FUDCon and the Spins Process is now separate from the Feature Process, although with the primary features of the Feature Process such as Freezes and Wrangling.

Such decisions shouldn't be taken at FUDCon because it automatically excludes people who cannot be present at the event. You should use the events only to discuss the issues and make the decisions over mailing lists or irc where others can participate as well.

The problem with this whole process is not FESCo didn't want the spins to be considered features but how it has been not been delegated properly and who is responsible for the final decisions is still unclear. Ideally, FESCo would have still considered spins as features so that spin maintainers have a procedure to follow up until the time, alternative procedure and a owner/team responsible for the final decision is outlined somewhere.

I am not sure what to do for the Xfce spin or the local language spins now. Anyone want to clarify this?


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