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Re: [Fedora-spins] Spins SIG Meeting(s) / Agenda!

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:

We've beaten that horse during FUDCon and the Spins Process is now separate from the Feature Process, although with the primary features of the Feature Process such as Freezes and Wrangling.

Such decisions shouldn't be taken at FUDCon because it automatically excludes people who cannot be present at the event. You should use the events only to discuss the issues and make the decisions over mailing lists or irc where others can participate as well.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by abusing FUDCon like this (in your opinion), but let me tell you I'll do it again whenever I feel like it.

Everyone involved was there, everyone agreed. This process is set. Arguments go to the list. Voting happens next week during the SIG meeting.

If you have a problem with that, please state it. Please be precise in what you think we've done so tremendously wrong, that our ability to make a decision, gather input and then have a vote on the result deserves to be questioned, by you no less.

because although I do understand your argument against deciding stuff at FUDCon, I do not understand what is your problem with how things are moving forward right now.

The problem with this whole process is not FESCo didn't want the spins to be considered features but how it has been not been delegated properly and who is responsible for the final decisions is still unclear. Ideally, FESCo would have still considered spins as features so that spin maintainers have a procedure to follow up until the time, alternative procedure and a owner/team responsible for the final decision is outlined somewhere.

- Define "this" in "The problem with this whole process", because I don't understand which process you are referring to.

- Explain to me how "The Spin SIG for technical approval and the Board for a rubber trademark stamp" leaves you inconclusive about who has the final verdict on whether a Spin can be a Spin or not.

- Explain to me what you mean by "Ideally, FESCo would have still considered spins as features" because Spins being Features yet not being Features was one of the hurdles we needed to overcome by setting up a new process.

I am not sure what to do for the Xfce spin or the local language spins now. Anyone want to clarify this?

In case you haven't noticed, they are on the agenda. I can already say that a Spin Page will need to be created (but not for the Localized Spins), or a current page needs to be relocated or possibly re-categorized. In any way, this is why these items are on the agenda; to establish what needs to happen (to what spin), and to determine who's going to take care of that (spin maintainers? SIG?).

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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