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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

Le Jeu 15 janvier 2009 16:47, Florian Festi a écrit :

> Doing things per packages gets too expensive:
> Even a small amount of work or possibility of error gets expensive and
> annoying if it has to be done in a lot of packages. The example we are
> looking at right now are scripts that are handling special types of
> files
> like: ldconfig, install-info, gtk-update-icon-cache, ... We hope to
> come up
> with a solution soon.
> Another idea under that topic is the (semi) automatic creation of sub
> packages. This could be used to address several other problems like
> multilib
> or language files. But right now it is only a vague idea...

BTW this is effectively what the new F11 fonts packaging guidelines
and framework do for fonts (in a crude way)


A review by people familiar with rpm internals would be much appreciated

Nicolas Mailhot

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