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Announcing the Fedora Geo Spin

Hi Lists,

Let's begin with an apology, shall we? Sorry for cross posting, but
this does concern people on multiple mailing lists.

I would like to announce the formation of a Fedora Geo Spin with tools
for integration into Open Street Map. For more information, please see
the following link:


In short, the Fedora Geo Spin will be a respin of Fedora with packages
for doing OSM and cartography installed out of the box, or included on
a LiveCD and/or LiveUSB.  For OSM people, the primary advantage is a
live usb stick that can be used at mapping parties to save time
configuring user computers to do mapping. The USB stick can then be
brought home, and the user can continue doing mapping there. For
Fedora people, it gives us better Fedora exposure.

Right now, the spin is a draft, and once completed will be submitted
to the Fedora Spins process for approval and inclusion in Fedora as a
blessed spin.

The link above will be the canonical todo list, for anyone looking to
participate.  If you wish to help, please feel free to contact me on
or off these email lists.

Yaakov Nemoy

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