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Re: Root Logins in X...

Warren Togami wrote:
Let us step back and consider the actual goal of preventing root logins.

We want to stop people from logging in as root on their X desktop
because it is almost always done out of laziness.  We want to discourage
these lazy users from logging in as root and using desktop applications,
which can be a dangerous thing.

The only legitimate reason to allow root login is disaster recovery.
The case where /home filesystem is full and logins fail, or /home is
remote and inaccessible are cases where graphical non-root logins can fail.

So why don't we make root logins from GDM a stripped down desktop with
only a terminal and a menu with only configuration tools?  This desktop
should be ugly and with a very obvious note explaining why they
shouldn't be logged in as root.

- Educates the users.
- Prevents future stupid flame wars.

+1. At one point I had my box set up that way (not sure if it still is, or not); root login would get... twm + xterm. Why? Because I would use it when things went wrong, and because generally I can fix it with a console, or /limited/ use of X apps. And because running xterm in X is still light-years better than a text-mode console. (Yes, even if KMS worked on my system - which it doesn't - because I can take advantage of all three screens I have hooked up with multiple xterms open at a time.)

Personally, I'd even suggest the same setup, twm + xterm. It certainly qualifies as 'ugly' ;-).

Oh... Michal's right about one thing, though; xclock (in text mode, please!) would be a nice addition if we set this up as default.

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