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Re: Draft: simple update description guidelines

On 27.01.2009 19:18, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
The following are a set of simple guidelines for the update descriptions via bodhi (which is used by PackageKit to inform users of what has changed). These guidelines are intended to help end users understand the nature of changes in the update better. Bodhi is not used in rawhide, so these guidelines are not applicable for rawhide updates. Note that this is not connected to the rpm changelog.

I have tried to summarize what has been suggested in a couple of earlier threads. If there is anything else that needed to be added, do let me know. If there is FESCo approval and general consensus, we can add this to


and add a reference to


Don't we have way to many guidelines and policies already?

At least I think we have way to many of them already. That makes contributing to Fedora (and especially starting to contribute) harder and harder -- especially as finding, reading, understanding and remembering all the different rules and guidelines (and follow their changes) gets next to impossible afaics.

Let's please stop this path -- let's make things easier again instead of regulating each and every detail.

Note that I don't disagree with the text that was proposed. My 2 cent: Put it as text into the wiki somewhere, write "best practices" ontop of it (avoid the words "rules" and "guidlines") and add a link to the bodhi ui ("best practices for filing this box with information").


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