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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

On Thursday 29 January 2009 11:34:26 am Robert Scheck wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > IMHO, all packages should have open ACLs, with no exceptions (yes, even
> > the kernel!), and I don't think we should make it as hard to get into
> > provenpackager as some people are suggesting (10 to 15 sponsors needed,
> > WTF?).
> That every new packager having a single package can touch the kernel, glibc
> and gcc? Nice idea, yes. That would bring up the word "playground" again, I
> used today already.
> Greetings,
>   Robert

You think a newbie packager is just going to dive in and accidentally screw up 
gcc and glibc without, say, contacting the owner(s) first? I can see two 
possible cases for your sarcasm here:

  1) newbie tries to fix something without consulting owners at all
  2) newbie (actually, someone malevolant trying to break Fedora because they 
hate Robert Scheck) breaks package intentionally

In either case, the package owner gets an email summarizing changes to CVS, 
and can revert the CVS change. If the newbie was malevolant and/or the problem 
persists, they can be kicked out of Fedora. If not, they learned their lesson 
(similar to Wikipedia's "please go play in the sandbox, kid").

Conrad Meyer <konrad tylerc org>

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