Too many unowned directories

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Fri Jan 30 19:01:18 UTC 2009

| MUST: A package must own all directories that it creates. If it does not
| create a directory that it uses, then it should require a package which
| does create that directory.

Despite being in the guidelines as above, more and more unowned
directories are found in Fedora/Rawhide.

They spring up like mushrooms.

There must be reviewers and packagers who don't understand above
guideline and who are not familiar with how to include files vs. directories
in RPM package %files lists.

For every dozen unowned directories that got fixed after reporting it in
bugzilla, it seems as if two new dozen unowned directories appear (or
reappear) in other packages. My script examines only new packages in
Rawhide (with EVR not seen before), and still there is no end to be seen
in the logs. Lots of obvious packaging mistakes which could have been
noticed easily in the .spec file already, but also lots of unowned
directories which reveal missing dependencies. For dozens of bugzilla
tickets, the packagers don't respond. Sooner or later the bug triagers
will threaten with closing such tickets. Reopening them semi-automatically
will lead to an ugly fight.

I think what I'm trying to express here is that it's a lost cause.

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