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fesco meeting summary - 2009-01-30

=== Members Present ===
* Brian Pepple          (bpepple)
* Jarod Wilson          (j-rod)
* Kevin Fenzi           (nirik)
* Bill Nottingham       (notting)
* Jon Stanley           (jds2001)
* Dan HorĂ¡k             (sharkcz) 
* Dennis Gilmore        (dgilmore)

=== Members Absent ===
* Josh Boyer            (jwb)
* David Woodhouse       (dwmw2)

== Summary ==

=== Features ===

* Stronger Hashes -

  Many FESCo members were concerned with breaking preupgrade and yum
  upgrades from f9->f11. The feature owner was directed to see if this
  could be avoided and revisit the feature next week. 

* Architecture Support

  FESCo tabled this to revisit this next week. There were questions
  about OLPC support and LSTP client machines. Discussion to continue
  on fedora-devel list.

* Crash catcher https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/CrashCatcher

  FESCo has approved this feature. 

* SsytemTap Static Probes

  FESCo has approved this feature. 

* GCC 4.4  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/gcc4.4
  FESCo has approved this feature.

* vmware-requirements, and other 'crutch-for-proprietary-software'

  FESCo has decided this is not acceptable content for Fedora. 

* FESCo needs to determine whether ovm is acceptable content

  FESCo re-iterated that this content is fine for Fedora, but something
  in Fedora should be able to use it before adding it to the
  repository. Providing it without a way to use it would be a bad user

* FESCo will meet in special session next week to review features. 
  Time and date to be determined. 

IRC log can be found at: 


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