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Re: Fedora Project, give me 20 Million Euros or Free EDA software

Le vendredi 30 janvier 2009 à 22:40 +0100, Chitlesh GOORAH a écrit :
> Hello there,
> Before reading the mail, be brave people read this blog post first,
> especially people from FESCo:
> http://www.edn.com/blog/920000692/post/1290038929.html
> Do comment on that blog post. Afterwards you read my email.

If that makes you feel better the EDA community is much much closer to
free software community than some others
(also much bigger, with more resources, etc)

I don't believe there's any point in bending backwards to accomodate
hostile professional communities. The way to earn their respect and
consideration is to do something worthwhile within the FLOSS community,
not catter to their prejudices by ignoring our own principles.

Nicolas Mailhot

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