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Re: Features/ArchitectureSupport - changing what we build for

Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On Friday 30 January 2009, Bill Nottingham wrote:
>> Kevin Fenzi (kevin scrye com) said, in the FESCo meeting summary:
>>> * Architecture Support
>>>   https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ArchitectureSupport
>> * 32-bit x86 would be built for i686 by default. 586-compatible processors
>> would no longer be supported.  
> [...]
>> * i386: -march=i586 -mtune=generic 
> Should the latter be -march=i686?
I was wondering this too but in the opposite direction -- why build
everything for i686 by default if we're only updating the compiler flags
to i586?

Jakub's email sparking this Feature listed the major benefit from
getting new instructions with -march=i486.  He then listed additional
helpful instructions when using -march=i586.  Nothing listed for


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