Help needed for undefined symbol _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_

Robert Scheck robert at
Sat Jun 13 21:41:32 UTC 2009

Good evening,

I'm still on the way to get the Zarafa Groupware into Fedora (see Fedora
Package review request
and beside of the ongoing legal issue, I've also found a technical issue
where I need some help.

At the moment, it's a bit difficult: I'm using a non-public pre-release of
Zarafa which will public available and AGPL licensed once it's final. That
means for now, investigating is a bit hard but I'm looking for some tips or
hints to get the issue solved. The error message itself is as follows:

May 31 17:11:57 tux /usr/bin/zarafa-spooler: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_

Well, there's a symbol missing somewhere, so I executed following:

$ nm -D /usr/lib/ | grep _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_
         U _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_

Okay, looks like the symbol is really missing. So let's have a look to the
files in the build dir and how it behaves there:

$ nm ./common/.libs/libcommon_mapi.a | grep _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_
00003da0 T _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_


$ nm -D ./mapi4linux/src/.libs/ | grep _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_
         U _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_


$ nm -D ./inetmapi/.libs/ | grep _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_
0005f270 T _ZN10ECMemTable6CreateEP14_SPropTagArrayjPPS_

So far. Interestingly, that issue only exists on Fedora 11 and above, not
on Fedora 10 or below. As it seems, the issue is not GCC 4.4 relevant, so
it is maybe a libtool linking issue? Ideas? Hints? Suggestions? What else
could I check?

Upstream doesn't have a pointer for me, but given that Fedora and bleeding
edge are not their default target (they focus to the long-term supported
distributions where Zarafa mostly gets used), it's understandable to me...

Note, that OpenChange is not involved anywhere here, it's only
Zarafa everywhere above.


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