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Re: TightVNC feature has been renamed to TigerVNC

This makes a lot of sense actually. There are very few proper implementations of VNC 4 for UNIX like systems. Most of them are based on the older VNC 3.3 protocol with crazy extensions added on top of it. Having a VNC implementation that actually is kept up to date with the VNC protocol and is optimized with extensions is something I have been waiting for awhile now. I wish you the best of luck on this project!

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 2:36 AM, Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> wrote:
Hi all,

it was some concern why TightVNC feature has been renamed to TigerVNC
one minute before beta freeze. Let me try explain background.

In Fedora 10 we have vnc based on RealVNC source but upstream doesn't
put any effort to accept patches which we have so I decided replace
RealVNC by TightVNC in F11.

Current TightVNC "trunk", which was supposed to be our F11 vnc, uses
same codebase as RealVNC. TightVNC adds Tight extension and some other
useful features. I joined to TightVNC upstream about one year ago and
successfully ported all Fedora changes to upstream.

Unfortunately TightVNC lead developer wasn't able to create any plan
for the next release of UN*X version. All UN*X developers asked him
what features will be in next version, when the next version will be
released etc. It was continual development without any milestones
which was unacceptable for some developers thus we created fork called

TigerVNC is new project, it exists about two weeks. All active
TightVNC UN*X developers left TightVNC and joined TigerVNC. Also lead
developer of TurboVNC (VNC which is focussed on performance, 3D gaming
etc) joined us so I think this project will have better future than
TightVNC. You can read "official" statement from upstream -

Due reasons written above I decided to switch to TigerVNC ASAP because
I think it will be better than TightVNC.

I hope I threw enough light on this topic.

Regards, Adam

Adam Tkac, Red Hat, Inc.

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